Before a Decision comes Consequence.

Let me ask you, how often do you think about the consequence of an action before you decide on to embark on it? You see, many of us are products of chance. Many of our parents, like us, didn’t plan to marry when they did… just like many of us didn’t plan to marry when we did. Many marriages happened as a result of societal pressure or even at some extremes to comply with the norms… or even to cover up premarital sex… pregnancy. Not many sat down and actually ask themselves; why they want to marry and even as married couples, not many know why they are married. As a result, many of us sleep-walked into marriage with our eyes wild open – fantasizing for a happy ever after without thinking of the consequences of the union we are about to get into or even what impact the person we choose to marry will have on us and our generation. Like a dead dog without no purpose or usefulness, we risked all the gifts and treasures that nature (God) has hidden in us to say “I DO” without an iota of understanding of what it means “to do”. The results: dysfunctional parents raising dysfunctional children… producing dysfunctional families and societies full of vast atrocities – out of lack of knowledge and understanding of WHY & HOW. And with no structured mentorship hands around, we struggle to keep afloat the consequences by passing and pushing blames. “It’s his fault”, “it’s her fault”….

You see; if you are still single, please allow me to tell you something: Marriage is a great idea, one that attracts huge blessings. But when done out of careful consideration, it can create a lifelong damages to your destiny…. one that prayers and academic achievements and career may not be able to rescue.

Consequences are more important than decisions. Don’t make a decision to marry before studying the consequences. Because, decision is for a moment, most consequences, likes of marriage; attracts consequences that may last a lifetime. Good or bad, you live with the consequence – such that, even divorce can not re-write them…except death… and some consequences, still, do outlive death… rummaging in the seeds the marriage produces.
You see my friend, the most important consequence of our lives is our memory. No matter what we become or where we go… our memory never go away from us. It is only when we live right that we will have a good memory to enjoy… and living right is a matter of choice – the decisions we make at every turn of life. It is therefore important to have all the information about the consequences of your decision – to marry, before making a decision. If you do otherwise, it will be an act of recklessness and irresponsibleness on your part. Don’t just marry… know why you want to marry and the consequences of your decision to marry. Then ask yourself… do I have all it takes to overcome as much as reasonably possible, within your reasons… to live with the consequences? Don’t faith without applying the principles. Every success begins with planning… there can’t be a successful planning without adequate information. Learn more about marriage before you decide to marry. Understand that marriage is not for everyone. Don’t be a victim of your decision… if you must, my friend, do it right.

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