Divorce is not merciful.

Whenever we have headache, we don’t cut off our head… rather we look for a cure. This is because, we know we can not replace our head once it’s cut off…… However, it gives me a great concern that, when some people encounter problem in their marriage, they simply think of divorce without first thinking of how they can get rid of the problem. A spouse is not a commodity, nothing compared to car or house that one can change at will… I mean it’s not a career or job that comes with the benefit of if this doesn’t pay well, I’ll try another job. It is not possible to keep changing your career at every challenge and expect success. Sucess comes with integrity…. the inteprity of your knowledge and understanding of your chosen career. Marriage is no difference, it may not be possible to keep changing a spouse like a job and expect ones credibility to remain intact. People are most likely to judge or assess one based on why he or she quit his or her marriage for another… that is, if they bother to ask. Divorce makes a man or women a potential suspect or criminal in court of love and sometimes guilty without proof. Every potential suitor are more likely to turn themselves into a CID… just so they are careful not to be the next victim. Not because they don’t love, but because they are sceptical of your credibility and ability to commit to marriage. Changing a spouse or marriage is often times not the solution to many marital problems. The key to marital growth and maturity is to hang on during the tough times and work through the problems with one’s spouse. Your problem may not necessarily go away simply by divorcing or breaking up your relationship. Marital difficulties are almost never one sided. If you leave a marriage without resolving the problem you have with your spouse, then whatever the problem is, will be more likely to be carried over to your next relationship or marriage. Why? Because, it is true that you can change your spouse, but you can’t change you – and no one person create marital problems – it takes two. It may not be possible to graduate from the college without passing a carried over course, you may succeed in changing school…. but you’ll still have to pass the subject to be a genuine graduate. It may not be possible to enjoy a settled marriage without resolving certain problems first…. Divorce is not always the answer to marital problems. Look inward and see how you’ve contributed to your marital problems. Aim to forgive and reconstruct. Do not allow your pains becloud your judgements. The fact that you are hurting now does not mean you’ll be hurting tomorrow. No state of emotion is permanent. If you must divorce, make sure you are confident your vindication will be more than your regrets. Divorce is not merciful

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