DNA… To Succeed or Fail

The person/persons you have sex with determine your destiny. The person you marry will determine your success. Poor/Rich kids, Sick/Health kids, Peaceful/Violent kids…. and more are decided by the genetics mix of your blood and his or or their blood. Nothing happens by chance. We are all products of lineages. Sex is a way of transfusing blood and water… of what we are into another… a process meant for two to be infused together to make one… another being. To succeed or fail as individuals is a factor of the blood we were born with. Success/failure is hereditary. Everyone you have sex with will leave in you their genetic footprints, be it for success or failure or whatever they’ve inherited from their lineage and such will mix with yours to influence your chance of success or failure and that of your offspring.

#Marriage #Relationship #Family #Security #Sustainable #Healthy #Love #Fairness
These are deep stuffs and I am willing to expanciate further if required.


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