Be your vision.

Having a vision as a single person is often nothing of a big deal with many. But what the big deal is getting married to a supportive woman or man who would help them build the vision they had. 

Many people were born to be exceptionally and excellently great, they started well before saying I DO, but after their wedding comes the halt in their progression. 

Marriage is another creator. Many a time, in life, it wouldn’t matter what God has created one to be if one get married to a vision-less,  unreasonable, self-centred and unsupportive husband or wife – fulfilling a destiny may become a challenge, if at possible. 

However, looking for a vision builder may be worthless if you as an individual do not know and understand your vision and be guided by the discipline and knowledge to discern who is right or wrong in your path to destiny. 

Many times, it is not who we marry that is our problem but who we are as individuals. What we are made of will determine what we will be built with. Take time to discover yourself, see your future through your own eyes and the eyes of God… only then can you describe who you want to align your destiny with. Don’t rush up to rush off. Your future is in your hands. 

#Klimax-RSN #KemiKlimax


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