Little Miracles 

We could be so proud and consumed by what we have and what we are that we’ll forget the little things of life that makes us the bunch of miracle that we are. For us to experience the awesomeness of God’s wonder, we have to be mature yet humble more like a child in our thoughts and attitude, trusting God’s love and voice in little but mighty things around us. We live in a very very busy world that has make most visible invisible to us. The birds that sings, the flowers that blossom, the wind, the cliffs, the ants, the things that are always present which we never know what it’ll be like to have them absent. All adding up to make the world we are a marvel that it is. The small but greats making our lives worth living. The MIGHTY GOD in small things. 

Can you see any around you? Can you perceive any of the wonders of God? 

Be still and be humble… like a child, appreciate all – be thankful that you are part of God’s miracle. 



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