Life is too short to live in the negative. Everyday is a gift from God. What if you find out that you are going to be here only for the next 6 months – you learn that your time is coming to an end. How many of the things that upsets you now would you allow to continue to upset you? How much of the offence, the frustration, the stress would you continue to let in into your heart? 
Negativity abounds everywhere. There are people who has no better business than to brew fued and preach hates. Don’t go on every social media to read all the negatives written about you. Don’t go listening to people who maim and kill themselves with the words of mouth all in the name of blogging or entertainment. 
9 out of 10 times, our destiny is controlled by the stuffs we allow into our spirit. Choose what you listen to; watch the language you allow to filter into your children’s lives. There’s is no devil nor angel than we humans. Stop sitting on the fence. Be clear about your attitude to negativity.
Make forgiveness and love your first call to building a world you desire. If you don’t learn to walk away from negative talks, if you don’t learn to walk away from an offence, not dwell on what they said, not upset because of how they treat you, it may keep you from the fullness of your destiny. Run your race, focus on your goal. Use your emotions wisely, be positive towards life and life will definitely reciprocate to you. 

Do you know: you are what you hear, watch and read. 



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