Let your gift put you on someone’s map. 

When people give you a penny, give back to them in pounds. For all that gets but never gives; it is called barren. The rain gives to the soil to be fruitful and multiply. Imagine if the fishes in the ocean does not replenish in folds what it gets from the sea – the sea will not be sea, the ocean will be barren. Don’t just look unto people for what you can receive… if you want a honour fit for a king, find a gift to bless the kings on your paths. A simple act of kindness, a warm smile, a generous cup of tea…. will all add up as drops to make your mighty ocean. Don’t be remembered for what you asked for, refused to be named by that which you receive. Be known for your gift. Even when your name can’t be remembered, let your gift put you on someone’s map – let your gift give meaning to your name. 

Have a blessed and fruitful week. Be kind! Be gentle! Be meek! Above all, treat every human as you’ll want to be treated. Do love – it costs less. 



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