Good men are Scarce means Good Husbands are Scarce

Good men are scarce means good husbands are scarce. And in indeed, same can be said of women. But I will want to stick with men for now.

Some men are nothing but time waster. More like a pest…. call them a fleece or bed bug if you like. They want something out of nothing and almost everyone on their contact list knows they are looking for a wife. They lack focus in all sense of the word.

There’s nothing a focused woman desire more than a focused man. She has to trust your ability to lead. I mean, she can navigate fine all by herself but being led by a man driven by a purpose is always better. It means that he actually cares about where the two of them are going. Ask yourself, as a man, are you someone a real woman would respect? Are you someone her parents would welcome with open arms? And if she has children, are you the right kind of role model to have around them? Many women today are divorced because they can’t cope with the lies they were told before they answered “I DO” I mean, they were perfectly content with how their life was before their Ex walked into it making them feel special off of a whole bunch of lies. It’s often okay for such women to move on quicker than expected, but sometimes it could be very painful as well having to raised children alone just because a man somewhere couldn’t think beyond how many skirts he can get under. Well, I see lots and lots of such men on my weekend meat shopping, eyeing another man’s wife as if “pe won fi se won ni”. 4 children 5 women, yet you say the women are the problem. Abeg! Check your yourself and tuck in your third leg before you get “truck down”

Not to lose track of my thought…. dear uncle “Lagbaja” may I kindly say, before you try being “The Man” in her life, it’s important to make sure that you are “A Man” in yours first and foremost. Only an immature man will stop a woman in her tracks just to waste her time. Before you say “hi” to that lady, make sure your mind and heart are sound and that it is not your third leg controlling you. Over 10 years, you are still looking for a wife…. yet, you sample them daily after reciting your tales of thrills and boom… and when you meet a mentally stable focused woman who refused to believe your lies, you go around the bars telling fables of how useless she is. May I kindly ask you, who among the two of you is useless? Just in case you don’t know, singleness has no respect for gender… get the grip. Put your focus lens on. Be a man who you think you are.

Klimax Relationship Support Network (KRSN)


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